Are you good at Figuring things out?


Are you good at figuring things out?

I am.   I had teachers, family members and friends who have commented that I am like a cat – always landing on my feet.   Is it easy?   No not at all.

I remember being on a ski lift with my oldest sister years ago.  She was thinking of making a change in her career.  We talked about it.   I have coached business leaders in career transition.   So with trepidation she asked the questions and we discussed.

Fear always comes to play when you are looking at making changes and fear was making its presence known in that conversation.   Behind every comment – there it was jumping up and saying remember me…..FEAR.    With each stage there it was saying:   What’s if it doesn’t work out, what’s if you can’t do it, what’s if no one believes in you, people will laugh when you fail, stay safe – don’t peak over the edge it’s just not for you.   Lots of what ifs, cants, shouldn’t and the ever important call back to safety…..maybe you should just be comfortable where you are.

The conversation carried on for most of the ski day….each time we were on the chair it was the next part of the coaching dialogue.   At the beginning of our 4th run up the mountain, she looked at me and said “I’m not like you.  You have no fear, I do.”

Wow, that my older sister would have thought that I have no fear.  This is the sister who has literally known me my entire life.   She was there when started school, got married, had my first, second, third child, when we bought the farm [literally my husband and I bought a farm], when I was elected to municipal office, started my role as a national lobbyist, started my own company, when I changed the mandate of the company and every new endeavour I took on both personally and professionally and yet she thought I had no fear.    Hmm!

I asked her what the heck she was talking about – no fear – I mean really!  Did she not know that every change I have made, every new project, role, endeavour I took on I was and continue to be afraid.  She said I have always made things look so easy.   Making something look easy is just the ability to masking fear – its good acting.

Nothing worthwhile is easy or without fear.   No new venture is easy; change is not easy.    It’s really hard and the hardest part is taking that leap and believing that you will figure it out before you hit bottom.

Somehow, I learned that – I learned to believe in myself enough, trust my knowledge and instincts enough, that even with all the what if’s I would figure it out before I came crashing down.   I have failed and I will likely fail again, however I will never stop trusting that I will always succeed in figuring it out.

I am afraid – as I said to my sister I am afraid every day, I just don’t let it stop me.   I boldly drop into the freefall and know that I may not land where I had originally thought I would, however and it is a big however if I need to change make a change to survive I will and I will figure out a solution along the way.

Do you trust yourself?  Do you believe in yourself?    How does the edge look from where you are?  We don’t do this alone, at least I didn’t.  “When the student is ready the teacher appears” is a quote a very good friend of mine told me of.  I don’t know who it is attributed to however I can say that it has always been spot on for me.

Each time I was restless and looking for new adventures, new challenges a teacher would appear.  Someone I could speak to [I have always had a business coach], something I could read [I love to read and can get quite obsessed with knowledge on topics]; these would be my teachers.    The most important of all is the coach – that is someone to ‘think out loud with’, someone who will challenge your knowledge, understanding, and ultimately help you figure it out before you hit ground.

My clients figure it out – advance their leadership capabilities – thrive in challenges – take ownership and achieve results.  I would love to discuss how I may help you master the art of figuring it out.  Genesis – enhancing the mind of a leader!   Contact me today.

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