Christmas Wishes

Gift-Box-GD-GT035-Every few years I bring out the Christmas boxes.  These small boxes are placed on the server in our kitchen, one box for every member of the family.  Their name decoratively added to the ribbon.   Beside them are three pads of 4×6 inch paper each with a different starting statement:

  1. My Christmas Wish for you…..
  2. What I love about you……
  3. Thank you for…….

My family knows what that means.

Christmas morning, my now adult children and their families/significant others come in for brunch.  I love to cook and my favourite holiday meal is always brunch.  This is the time when we are all just hanging out, no one is really dressed for the day, pj’s, jeans, sweats are the usual dress and it makes for a fun, relaxing and very enjoyable time.  Brunch takes hours, food laughter, presents and getting the turkey in the oven, well that takes time.

When they see the boxes – yes there are groans, however there is warmth in the smiles that follow the groans and they know a very important task is at hand.  The task is simple – be honest, show just how much you care, make someone’s heart sing, show gratitude, love and embrace family.

Individually they pick up the pen, write their notes, drop them into the appropriate boxes and wait.    The thoughts are not always immediate – they have been known to take the whole day to write just the ‘right’ messages and they are always worth the wait.

We don’t read the notes out loud.  While waiting for a bit of digestion to take place in between the ‘big evening dinner’ and dessert and coffee, with Christmas carols in the background, we open the boxes and read the notes – one by one quietly to ourselves.

It’s common to see tears, hugs, broad smiles, and to hear big belly laughs and chuckles.  [My family really does have quite the sense of humour].  What I see is love – in technicolour!   Some of the messages are shared however for the most part they are held close and private smiles, hugs, conversations are one on one.

As a parent – this is the most wonderful Christmas present of all.  Seeing my family together – it’s a huge gift.

We haven’t done this for 4 years….time to bring out the Christmas boxes this year.  I can’t wait for the groans, the warm smiles, the laughs, tears and the absolute joy that takes place at such a magical time of the year.

My Christmas Wish for you – peace and love surrounded by all those you hold dear.

What I love about you…..that you are considering this as a potential tradition in your family.

Thank you for…..reading this all the way through.

Let me know your thoughts.  If you like my approach, connect. 

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