Who has your six?

Favim_com-clock-old-time-trick-vintage-408044I’ve got your six is a military term.  Basically it means that ‘I’ve got your back’.  The origins of the term comes from an old pilot system in which directions correspond to hours on the clock where 12 o’clock is forward and 6 o’clock is behind so having your six means I have your back – I’ve got you covered where you are exposed.

So again, who has you six?

Genesis has been conducting a number of Leadership Training sessions with clients and in order to bring our clients to perform at the highest leadership standard we have engaged specialized ex-military leaders who have transferred their military leadership training into business leadership missions.

The journey for our clients has been phenomenal.  These modern day warriors have brought their best axioms into the business world and clients have embraced the leadership challenge.  Self-awareness is key.  Understanding who you are and being comfortable enough to highlight your own vulnerability allows the team to journey down the path towards trust. There is huge vulnerability in trusting someone and yet these military leaders all have each other’s six and they highlight that in their discussions with our clients.

To be trusted you need to be deemed to be trustworthy.   Think about that…..deemed to be trustworthy.  In other words worthy of trust.  That comes with consistency.   Being consistent in doing what you said you were going to do.  Honouring each and every commitment you have made not just some of the time, but consistently. Going above and beyond to ensure the safety of the person, the mission, the unit.   No wild card actions because when you are not consistently true you have failed to cover their six.

That’s leadership.   For those that have ever worked in an environment a culture like that it is truly an awe inspiring method.  Going to work each day knowing you are not alone, that you have people that have your six is what we all believe could and should be happening.   It’s not up to everyone else to make that happen – it could start with you.  Foster that culture, be the person that is consistent.  Demonstrate your trustworthiness.   Have your team’s 6 – it may start the drive to a tipping point where everyone wants to be like you, your team, and your unit.  All focused on the same goal, never leaving your 6 exposed.

Who has your six?   Who counts on you having their back?

My clients embrace character infused leadership.  They are trusted leaders who accelerate results, embody accountability, drive with innovation.   I would be happy to discuss our leadership program with you and how I may be able to help you accelerate your overall success.   Contact me today.

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