Being bold, focused and passionate….Living life to the fullest

About Genesis Executive Management

Loretta Biscaro Smith, President and Founder of Genesis Executive Management Inc. 

A ‘thought partner’, business leader, strategic thinker seeking to clarify the tough issues. 


Loretta Biscaro Smith has worked with senior executives and organizations around the world.

To be an effective, strategic business partner, Loretta built a reputation of asking tough questions to target bold, smart action.

As mentor and trusted confident you can ‘think out loud’ with Loretta, drawing on her experience and commitment to be:

  • Bold: Challenging assumptions by asking “why” before assessing “how”.
  • Focused: Helping you discover clarity - straight-forward solutions and developing plans that enable you to take smart risks to achieve your goals.
  • Passionate: A confidant you can count on to encourage you to be all you can be. 


Loretta Biscaro Smith is a successful entrepreneur, respected business strategist, a problem solver with international experience and a dynamic leadership coach. At heart she is an agent of change that thrives in operational excellence – it’s all about people and processes. Her expertise is in aligning the right people, committed to the right processes that enable organizations to achieve goals. Loretta partners with business leaders coaching them to embrace the courage to lead.

As the founder and President of Genesis Executive Management Inc., she specializes in leadership development through Strategic Thinking programs, an Executive Coach and in implementation of Talent Attraction and Talent Alignment Strategies. Loretta is known for her integrity, candour and broad vision – and for always asking the tough questions.  She has a direct, no-nonsense approach that inspires bold, smart action.  Her rigorous approach and sought-after expertise enable business leaders to rapidly identify and bridge gaps in their organizations and in their personal performance.

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Loretta Biscaro Smith is a well known business leader

Former national lobbyist and business leader, Loretta is a frequent key note speaker and coach.

Loretta Biscaro Smith is active in her community

Active in her community on numerous local boards, Loretta is also a long-distance cyclist and participant in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. .

Loretta Biscaro Smith enjoys travelling and adventure

Loretta combines her love of food, travel and adventure and is a frequent visitor to the hills of Tuscany.