Who has your six?

I’ve got your six is a military term.  Basically it means that ‘I’ve got your back’.  The origins of the term comes from an old pilot system in which directions correspond to hours on the clock where 12 o’clock is forward and 6 o’clock is behind so having your six means I have your back […]

Christmas Wishes

Every few years I bring out the Christmas boxes.  These small boxes are placed on the server in our kitchen, one box for every member of the family.  Their name decoratively added to the ribbon.   Beside them are three pads of 4×6 inch paper each with a different starting statement: My Christmas Wish for you….. […]

Lead or Walk on By

    ‘Walk on By’ was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and beautifully sung by Dionne Warwick.  https://youtu.be/ijhL9Y7skQs   The song was recorded in the early 60’s yes 1960’s.   The lyrics are very profound – especially in today’s climate: “If you see me walking down the street And I start to cry each time […]

Leader Character is now Cool!

”The nature of the person” – James Comey [Former Director of the FBI] The phrase has been on my mind a lot these days.  I am drawn to the drama that is politics in the US.   The James Comey Testimony reveals a great deal about the nature of the person[s] in US politics these days.  […]

What do you Read?

I think it is very telling when you look at a business leader’s bookshelf.   We all have our favourites and if you are anything like me they have annotations in the margins and phrases that are underlined.   I love to read – it has been the source for constant learning. When coaching executives – I […]