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Are you ready for a career change?   

Written by Loretta Biscaro Smith

September 2019

 Are you ready for your next career move?   Get the guidance you need from a Career Transition Coach.

The secret to finding your next career move is really quite simple.  And yet most people don’t deal with it in a simplistic manner.

I’m a coach and in my 30+ year career I have worked with individuals from University graduates to senior executives make a shift and find the role that they truly want.

I have been hired by parents who want to help their child to obtain gainful employment that will set them off into the career world.  Truly what these parents want is to get their children out into the job world and out of their home.

I have been hired by junior to middle managers looking to move up in responsibility and accountability and in order to do so they need to move out of a company they may love working with however are ‘blocked’ by their manager who isn’t going anywhere, so therefore they aren’t going anywhere either.

I have been hired by senior executives looking for their next challenge.   Mostly these individuals are looking for an underperforming organization looking for the leader to establish values, purpose, and direction.  In essence positive change in the organization.   These executives love churn and they are good at it.   Others look for an organization that is stable and need day to day guidance, mentoring to ensure longevity.

Of course I have coached individuals that have been involuntarily made available to industry.  These are individuals that have an opportunity to truly look at what comes next with a broader view.  Sometimes being fired is the best opportunity to review what you really want to do and working with a coach to help you articulate that and aid in setting you out on your new journey has a positive life altering result.

With one simple Mindshift each of the individuals I have coached pause when given the secret to finding the role they want.

Students: regardless of what the student career centre dictates your degrees [education] should NOT be first and centre on your resume.  You have already paid for your education, why would you provide further advertising to the University or College?   The top of your resume is prime advertising space – the resume is about you, what you can do, what you are capable of accomplishing, not what degree you hold.

Junior to Middle managers:   What transferrable skills do you have and how have you presented them in the resume?   Moving from one company to another or changing industries is not as hard as most people believe it to be, unless you are not highlighting your transferrable skills.

Senior Executives:   There are two types of senior leaders – those that love to change/improve outcomes and those that are very comfortable maintaining solid trajectories with little to no new change required.  Which are you?   Speak to that when looking for a new role.

What’s the secret?  Happy to connect and discuss.  If you want to learn more about the secret to finding that next career role – contact us for transition coaching at:   

Loretta Biscaro Smith is the founder of Genesis Executive Management Inc.  A consulting firm that specializes in, Leadership Development, Career Transition and Executive Coaching.  




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