5 Questions to determine: Are you a TRUSTED LEADER?


Are you a Trusted Leader?

Infusing trust in our organizations has become a key focus of high performing organizations.  We are no longer focused on trusting power but rather on the power of trust, for it is truly a differentiator that leads to high performance within individuals and indeed the whole of an organization.   Infusing trust starts with staying true to character – your character – your values.

We have seen mission, vision statements that use the words courage, accountability, kindness, inspire, drive etc.   Are these just words printed nicely in marketing material, written on the entrance walls of corporate offices or are these words that are linked to practices in day to day business at all levels of the organization.  Simply put – are we ‘walking our talk’?

Let’s start with you.   Are you a trusted leader?   Remember that to be deemed a trusted leader your people – the ones you lead must deem you to be ‘worthy’ of their trust.   How do you fair?

Here are 5 questions:

  1. Are you a leader that others would want to follow? Think about that – do you inspire others to be better, do better, and indeed inspire others to truly pick up that mantle of leadership?  As leaders it is not our role to be mediocre – it is our role to lead.   To be inspirational.
  1. Are you a leader that challenges your people whilst being there ready to support them? By challenging our people we help them to grow, however growth can be difficult.  A trusted leader is one that provides solid footing, a sage sounding board, providing support and encouragement allowing our people to learn and to grow without fear of retribution.
  1. Are you open to feedback/criticism/challenge? Are your people free to be open, honest, and candid in their dialogue for the betterment of the organization?  What we are speaking of here is whether you want your people to trust your position of power or do you foster a trusting relationship that feeds off of the power of that ‘shared’ and trusting bond?
  1. Are you paying attention to the ‘elephants that are hiding in the corners of your meetings’?   Everyone knows they exist, yet everyone wants to ignore them.   We are all very familiar with the axiom ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, yet when it comes to meetings, apparently that isn’t what takes place.  Allowing the ‘whispers in the halls’, the ‘water cooler talks’ to prevail does not a trust infused organization or trusted leader make.  Are you exposing the elephants in real time?
  1. Do you help others around you? When you see your colleagues, peers, subordinates struggle do you lean in with them or do you walk on by?   Building a trust infused organization is about the greater good – it is not an organization built on hubris.

Building a high performance team requires a leader who is powered by competency, leader character and trust.   What fuels you?  Where do you fit in the category of being a Trusted Leader?

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